FTC DIRECT: FTC fuel catalyst for petrol and diesel engines

Any mechanic will tell you - a clean engine is more economical, more efficient and far more reliable than one with hidden carbon deposits 

"We don't really notice as tiny little deposits gradually build-up in our engines. Because it happens so slowly. But when these hidden deposits are removed the effect can be absolutely startling! Not only in restoring lost performance and fuel economy but most importantly in reducing those nasty toxic exhaust emissions. 

That's why for 25 years, FTC customers with all kinds of petrol & diesel motors have been saying things like - my car goes like a rocket now - the fuel economy is way better - it's more powerful - it's much smoother - it's much quieter - there's no more black smoke - the emissions are down by 60%. Because, as industry standard before & after emissions test results and MOT certification repeatedly confirms, removing hidden engine deposits - makes a massive difference.

And when you remember you only add the little pellets once because they don't wear away, dissolve or ever need to be replaced and go on working for as long as they’re in your fuel tank - keeping your engine permanently clean and efficient - it's not hard to see why thousands of FTC customers absolutely love 'em!"


“Over the years we’ve used FTC in everything from high performance and prestige cars to 4x4’s and even a 7.5-ton horse lorry! FTC works really well at eliminating those troublesome little deposits that cause all sorts of annoying issues in engines. It has been my experience time & again that FTC is able to put the sparkle back into performance and cut exhaust emissions by removing those deposits. It’s no great secret that a clean engine is always more efficient and economical than a dirty one! A cracking product that does exactly what it says.” Dave Jones - Graham Walker Cars, Cheshire


“You can’t argue with your cars own computer and you can’t argue if you know your car is quicker than it was before. My little Abarth had always returned between 38 and 39 miles to the gallon. Since dropping FTC into my fuel tank it is now returning just over 43 mpg! I haven’t changed anything. I just dropped the FTC pellets into the fuel tank, it was as simple as that. It’s been proven right in front of my eyes. It’s now quicker and more fun to drive, just like it having a new car. The Abarth is definitely more eager to please since adding FTC. The acceleration is better, the car really pulls well and the engine note is a more ‘throaty’ than before. But what has impressed me most of all is the economy that has been proven right in front of my eyes. And you can’t argue with proof. My neighbour’s using FTC now in his Volvo diesel estate. His car is up from 36 to 40 mpg since using FTC and is quicker and more responsive too. Would I recommend? YES, wholeheartedly. If a cynic like me is convinced FTC works, what more can you say? I’m really impressed with FTC and the results speak for themselves”. Heather H, Dorset


“The engine is smoother and quieter and the acceleration is effortless (was a slight hesitation before). The mpg has improved and cruising is a pleasure. It feels like I am driving a more powerful 3 litre rather than a 2 litre! I don’t understand how it works but it does. An absolutely brilliant product”. Ian Taylor, West Yorkshire


“Since adding the little FTC pellets to my cars fuel tank, the exhaust emissions have all but disappeared. The CO reading has fallen to 0.00% and the HC reading is also 00 ppm!  Both zero! The car drives beautifully, is much better on fuel and is as quiet as a church mouse. An absolutely fantastic product that I recommend to everyone."(MOT test results/certificate supplied) Bob Blackman, East Sussex


"I bought the FTC pellets after seeing the advert in the paper with Mike Brewer and put them into the fuel tank whilst filling up with petrol. After about a week or so I noticed the car was running really well. It was much quicker when accelerating and pulling away or over taking. The car was always really revvy when going up and down hills but that has stopped completely and now the car changes up and down far more smoothly. It’s really running great and considering the Mini is 13 years old it certainly does drive like a much newer car. I am really very pleased that I plumped for FTC and I would definitely them recommend to anyone." Victoria W, Kent


“We run a clay pigeon business called Game On Shooting. We operate simulated game shooting days and need dependable 4x4s to cope with the various terrains we encounter. Being confident with your 4x4 on & off road is key and knowing that the engine is responsive, dependable and up to the job is part of that mind set. I have spent a good deal of time around plant/agricultural machinery and have an keen interest in diesel engines. I have always been keen on regular maintenance and have used various fuel additives to try and keep the engines clean. When I read about this ‘one-off treatment’ I contacted FTC and bought some pellets for one of our Toyota 4x4’s. I quickly noticed that the Hilux became a much nicer vehicle to drive. The engine was more responsive, it was a lot quieter and the fuel economy was better. I was so impressed with the FTC pellets, I called again and bought two more packs for the other 4x4 and Mercedes E320 CDI. On the Toyota Land Cruiser there is no black smoke, a much quieter engine and bucket loads of torque which was simply not there before. One of the most impressive results was on my Mercedes E320 cdi. This car has a 3.2 litre straight six, common rail diesel which was no slouch before I dropped the pellets in the tank. This Mercedes has been transformed into a fuel efficient land missile so much so that it is truly unbelievable; from around 40 mpg average to nearly 50 mpg overall. It’s completely bonkers!! Both the Toyota 4x4’s are nicer vehicles to drive and have hugely benefited from FTC. All three vehicles are better for having these pellets dropped into the tanks! I even have FTC pellets in my garden tractor which is only 16hp and I can tell the difference on that. FTC has given absolutely brilliant results. The only negative is that once you use FTC, you will bore everyone half to death constantly telling them just how good these things really are. You have been warned!!”. Trevor Reece, Shropshire


The emissions in my 33-year-old Mercedes are down by nearly 40% and the car has never driven better. It really is like a new car again. The mechanic who tested it for the MOT said the emissions were better than a brand-new Mercedes! Thank you to Peter for the recommendation and to all at FTC for making sure motorists are told the truth about the incredible little pellets." (MOT test results/certificate supplied) Tim Thompson, Kent


“Throughout my working life as a City & Guilds qualified motor mechanic, I have seen first-hand the very real damage that carbon deposits and carbon build ups cause in engines. Deposits can cost motorists a great deal of money both in fuel inefficiency, speeding up wear and ruining expensive parts. I’ve enclosed two MOT emissions test certificates to show the difference the FTC pellets have made in my 2004 Hyundai Terrican 2.9 TD which I've had from new. When I added the FTC pellets it had 43,249 miles on the clock. Even though I’ve only been driving short trips since adding FTC the emissions reading has fallen from 1.88 to 0.70. You are more than welcome to print my letter and excellent results”. (MOT test results/certificate supplied) Alan Kidd, Essex


“I recently changed from a new Fiat 500X to a slightly older Toyota Hilux to better suit my work use. When I changed, I knew that my fuel bill would increase a fair bit as the Hilux is a 2.5l over the 1.6l of the Fiat, but I really needed the pick-up for work. My boss told me how he used FTC in his Landrover Defender and was getting a good few extra miles to the gallon. So I decided to try it in the Hilux and see whether I could gain a bit more economy. Before the Hilux was returning anywhere from around 27 to 30 mpg. Once I’d dropped FTC into the tank it wasn’t long before there was a noticeable effect. The first thing was the way the car pulled. I could tell there was a difference. I could tell then and can still can feel it now. There has also been a very clear improvement in vehicles economy. With the FTC pellets in the tank, I’m now seeing figures of between 34 to 38 mpg depending on the type of driving and load. The Hilux has much better acceleration and is smoother through the entire rev range and I’m using standard fuel, I’ve not switched to the premium fuel at all. I’d recommend FTC to anyone who’s conscious of their fuel economy and wants to see better performance. I’m left with no doubt whatsoever that FTC really does what it says”. Aaron Carr, Kent


"Just a brief note to say having put FTC in the tank of my Nissan Primera how pleased I am with the results. Within what seemed like a very few miles the engine definitely gained more power and was running much more smoothly. After 800 miles the fuel consumption has greatly improved too. I really couldn't be more pleased with this product and have recommended it to members of my Classic Car Club as well as family and friends." Geoff Sparrow, Norfolk


“I’ve had my Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi [100bhp] for 4 years. It’s well very well maintained, regularly serviced and I’ve always meticulously recorded the mileage and fuel usage. In Guernsey the speed limits are very low, typically 25 or 35 mph so the car never really gets the opportunity to run hot or hard which, as we all know, diesels need to keep them operating efficiently. The car rarely travels more than 3 or 4 miles in any one trip here on the island, so it’s fair to say the car is not really being used in the way a diesel car should be. The Skoda has always averaged 42-43 mpg here on Guernsey. At the first fill up after adding FTC the mileage had gone up to 46 mpg. I was very pleased to see the improvement and it’s fair to say that I would have been more than happy with that result. However, by the time I filled for the 3rd time the cars economy had improved to an impressive 50mpg! The economy has never fallen below that figure since! I can certainly say that the engine definitely pulls better, certainly 'feels' smoother and there is virtually no exhaust smoke if I do put my foot down hard occasionally. I’m really looking forward to using it away from the island on a decent long run! My only regret is I didn't find FTC earlier! I'd have saved a great deal of money”. Steve Foss, Guernsey


“I’ve been using FTC in all the family cars for many years with excellent results. The first car I used FTC in was a 130,000 mile Peugeot 5008 I was using as a taxi. With FTC I saw the emissions in that car fall from just under 1.50 to 0.01. An absolutely staggering result. The latest results for my Audi are equally as good. When I bought the car I had it tested and it gave a reading of 1.62. This car isn’t used as a taxi so it only does low mileage but in a matter of months the emissions have already halved to 0.82! Based on past experience I expect this figure to continue to fall as the mileage increases. FTC makes a big difference to performance, emissions and mpg just by clearing out any hidden engine deposits that have built up”.  (MOT test results/certificate supplied) John Meggison, County Durham


“FTC has completely eliminated all the black smoke when starting or accelerating hard. The Landy drives very smoothly and the annoying little rattle from the engine has completely gone. We’re adding FTC to all our plant and heavy vehicles with the same excellent results. Great product". Sally R, Surrey


“I have a Golf GT TDI and I recently purchased and installed FTC. I have noticed a really great change in the performance of the car. The MPG has increased giving much better fuel consumption than before. The cars acceleration is far more responsive and a much smoother drive. Thanks very much for this great product, I would thoroughly recommend it". Samir G, Hampshire


 “I have used the FTC in my Skoda 1.4 diesel. The little pellets were easily added, one by one, during refuelling. I really did not expect to so tangibly notice such a difference the next time I took it out but, there was without doubt a very real change in throttle responsiveness & acceleration. On a 25-mile run to Dorchester, which took in a familiar hill with a sharp bend on it, the difference really showed. Previously, on my own, I could just about make it up in third gear. With a passenger I’ve always had to drop into second gear. This time even with a passenger the car took the hill and the bend very easily in third gear! The car really does fly along now and is much quieter and smoother. The change has been quite remarkable. The significant reduction in the engines operating temperature and exhaust emissions, since the last MOT, shows how well FTC has worked”.  (MOT test results/certificate supplied) Nicholas Applebee, Dorset

“The performance and the fuel economy of my Astra 1.6 have completely changed since I put the FTC pellets in the tank. It’s just not the same car as before. It’s really quiet, very smooth and much, much quicker than it was. You’d never think that something as easy as adding some little pellets to the fuel tank would make such a big difference but it really has. I have to keep my eye on the speedo now as the car is so much quicker since FTC was added! I don’t think there’s anyone I know who hasn’t bought some FTCs too. Really pleased with them. Thank you”. Christine W, Hertfordshire


“The FTC pellets arrived very promptly and I added them to the tank. The change in performance was noticeable within a short time. Where before, there had been a little lag and hesitation, there was now just instant power. I’d assumed that it might make a bit of a difference but not as big as this. In a heavy 4x4! It’s no understatement to say that the car really does go like a rocket now. And in terms of emissions, first thing each morning I used to reverse up my driveway through thick clouds of black smoke, but now, there is nothing! On the first long run for work there was also a very noticeable increase in fuel efficiency which, when calculated, equates to well over £20 on a full tank. So, the car is doing way better mileage than it has ever done before!. Just by adding some little pellets to the fuel tank, the car has been completely changed. It's faster, smoother, has way better acceleration, economy and no black exhaust smoke! Jack, a friend of mine bought FTC at the same time as me. He called to ask what I thought but, before I could say anything, he said, “Tim. I’m gob-smacked at the difference they’ve made to the performance”. All the lads in the local have now got themselves some pellets and many work colleagues too. It’s fair to say that I’m still astounded how well FTC works”. Tim Jones, South Yorkshire



“I’d heard about FTC fuel pellets from several people who belong to the same club as me. They said their cars were performing better and had improved MPG. I was dubious. When I changed my E Class Mercedes 320 to a Volvo V70 I really missed the performance. It was then that I decided to try FTC. When the FTC arrived I took a note of my mileage [I already knew my MPG] and washed the little pellets into the tank when I filled up with fuel. That was on Thursday. Friday I had to go to Winchester with my wife on errands. There was without doubt something happening under the bonnet. The car just felt more eager. As we pulled onto M27 I was quite frankly blown away. It just pulled and pulled and pulled. Several weeks later the garage collected the car for a service. When my mechanic, Andy, who I have used for over ten years, dropped the car back he said to me, “have you had that chipped, it goes like a rocket”? I laughed and told him about the little FTC tablets. Now they’re converts too! I’ve also installed FTC in my 1974 MGBGT and the effect is just as noticeable. It’s a marvellous thing to really enjoy starting engine no matter how long or short a trip you’re off on. Totally sold on this fantastic, low cost little product”. Chris Piercy, Dorset


“Before using the FTC my car was very noisy and it didn’t have very much power. Now with FTC fitted the car runs beautifully and is so much quieter. It has more power and better fuel consumption. Thank you, my car drives great!”. Sarah G, Hampshire


In 2020, I bought a Discovery 4 that smoked like a factory chimney if I had to give it some extra welly. None of the local experts seemed to be able to help sort the problem. I saw your advert and thought it was worth a try. I added the FTC pellets and within less than a tank of fuel the problem had completely gone. I bought a set for my son and have been recommending your product ever since. James Elliott, Devon

There is no question whatsoever that the engine is quieter, smoother and pulls better from low revs. I’ve had no more instances of engine warning lights flashing on since I started using either, which is really very good. Absolutely first-class product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FTC to anyone. Rhod Tibbles, Norfolk

I’ve used FTC in my BMW 1 series 118d. It’s made an excellent car even better. Fuel consumption much improved as well as the all-round performance. Really impressed by how much quieter FTC has made the engine. An excellent product. I can thoroughly recommend from first-hand experience. David Sanders, West Midlands. Retired garage owner & motor engineer
I first purchased FTC in 2019 for my 2.4 petrol Volvo V70. What I was told proved conclusive as after a week or so the improvements in performance from a standing start and fuel economy were noticeable. Best of all though is seeing a big reduction in emissions on the MOT. I have now placed another order for my son’s diesel van. Recommended. Lawrie Brown, North Wales

I’ve used FTC in my wife’s Mitsubishi Colt and my Volvo XC60. In both cars there have been very marked improvements. The Colt’s economy increased by over 6mpg and the car is far quieter and smoother than it was before. The XC60 has improved economy of 5mpg and has much better acceleration and improved engine torque. This has made a big difference especially when we are towing the caravan. I’ve recommended FTC to my son in law Paul, who has bought two sets for his family cars. FTC has certainly worked really well and I’m very pleased indeed. Tony Midgley, Bedfordshire

A local mechanic told me about FTC and suggested I try it in my Rover 75. The car is a 2002 diesel with a 2.0 BMW engine and has covered 190,000 miles. It was a doddle to add the little pellets to the fuel tank so I gave it a go. It was very evident that the car was getting better and better the further I drove. It’s much smoother and much quieter now, that usual cloud of smoke when I suddenly accelerate hard has completely gone and the economy has improved by at least 5mpg. FTC is absolutely fantastic and has worked a treat. Jeff Skinner, Hertfordshire

The performance and the fuel economy of my Astra 1.6 have completely changed since I put the FTC pellets in the tank. It’s just not the same car as before. It’s really quiet, very smooth and much, much quicker than it was before. You’d never think that something as easy as adding some little pellets to the fuel tank would make such a big difference but it really has. I have to keep my eye on the speedo now as the car is so much quicker since FTC was added! I don’t think there’s anyone I know who hasn’t bought some FTCs too. Really pleased with them. Thank you Christine W, Hertfordshire

Having used FTC in our 73,000-mile Suzuki Grand Vitara, I’m writing to tell you I’m very glad we did. We have had the car from new so certainly know how it drives. Within a short space of time the car became quicker and more responsive, just like it was when it was new. After 400 miles there has been a marked improvement in fuel economy as well. What everyone says about FTC is absolutely spot on. Terry Wattington, Lincolnshire

I’ve used FTC in my Daihatsu Piaggio van (petrol) and in my Skoda (diesel) to help restore and maintain engine performance and fuel economy. I’m also using the FTC pellets in our domestic heating oil tank to keep boiler working efficiently by prevent sooty deposits from building up on the burner nozzles. I can certainly recommend FTC from first-hand experience. Robin Chan, Norfolk

For the last 5 years, I’ve been using a special liquid fuel additive in my 4.0 litre XJ8. Every 3 months, since 2015, I’ve poured 2 bottles into my fuel tank, because that’s the recommended dose for my car. I’ve spent over £600 in that time. Having used the FTC pellets, I can see I was wasting my money. With FTC there’s been a massive change in the car’s performance and smoothness. Now the car is so quiet you can’t even hear if its running and just a little pressure on the accelerator and she’s off like a bloody rocket! It’s like having a brand-new car. Wish I’d found FTC years ago and saved all that cash! 
Jeff Lee, Essex

I decided to try FTC pellets and I’m very glad that I did! FTC has really livened up my ten-year-old Corsa 1.3 diesel. The car is quicker, smoother and much quieter. The average MPG has gone from 53 to 58, which is really good considering virtually all my driving is around town. My brother has bought several sets for his vehicles and I’ve added your motorbike version to my Harley Sportster 883. A great product that really does what it says and I definitely recommend it without any hesitation. Mel Pugh, Middlesex

I emailed you recently about FTC04 purchased recently for my 3.2 litre Mitsubishi Shogun (2004 model with 128,000 on the clock. Just to let you know my mpg has risen from 27/28 to 30/31mpg. This amounts to a 10% decrease in fuel usage which is a 12.9p saving per gallon! That’s massive. The engine is smoother, quieter and more responsive. Thank you again

Roland Le Roy, Norfolk

Just to let you know, I bought some of your FTC pellets about 3 months ago, which I added to my 2014 Volvo XC60 2.4D. When I put the FTC pellets in the odometer was showing 68,500 miles. Having used FTC for several months with some decent runs, my average fuel consumption has gone up from 31.5 to 33.5 and stayed there. It’s worth pointing out that the car has been very well looked after as I’m a motor mechanic by trade. Ian Lodge, Bristol

I’ve had experience with fuel catalysts going back many years. In the 1980s I was the workshop manager for a major high street electronics chain, looking after a large fleet of commercial vehicles. I was involved in the testing that was carried out on fuel catalysts in our fleet of Scania & MAN lorries. There was no question they made a big difference. I’ve seen first-hand the reductions in exhaust and smoke emissions and also how clean the engines and oil remain with long term catalyst use. I have continued to use and recommend fuel catalysts for many years, which is why FTC is used in all our family vehicles. Steve Wasyliw, Hertfordshire
I’ve used your product in a Renault Clio, Vauxhall Astra, Honda Civic and I’m just about to add them to my new Kia. The Renault and the Honda were diesels and in both of those, as I’ve told you before, it made a massive difference. FTC cleaned those diesel engines out, transformed the way they ran and made them more economical. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FTC to anyone, no matter what age car they have. When you’ve used FTC in a dirty and noisy car and see it run like a new, you will never doubt how good these FTC pellets are. Henry Kerr, Glasgow

I’m writing to let you know that I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my Golf TDi. The FTC pellets have made the car a much quieter and much smoother to drive. Before adding FTC, I was averaging around 50 miles to the gallon but now it is in the region of 55 mpg, so I’m exceptionally pleased with that. The biggest surprise however has been in terms of acceleration. The car is noticeably more responsive and has been ever since I added FTC. I’ve added FTC to my wife’s new Polo and into the petrol mower. When I took the mower this March it started first time having sat unused for many months. George Higgs, Oxfordshire
I was a bit disappointed by the mpg my Skoda Fabia was achieving. So, when I saw your advert in the press I decided to try FTC.  Two weeks after putting the pellets into the tank, my local journey mpg had increased from 37 to 44 mpg.  The longer distance journeys, over 100 miles, have improved from 55 to 70.  The engine is now much more responsive at all times. I fully intend to fit FTC to any new car that I purchase in the future. Malcolm Hill, East Yorkshire

I’ve now used FTC in my Skoda and in two classic cars. From first-hand experience, there is certainly no question that FTC makes an enormous difference to the smooth and efficient running of any age car. The difference in the classics has been exceptional. They both run beautifully and are now free of any annoying little misfires. The Skoda is just as if it was new again. I wouldn’t run a car without putting FTC in to keep the engine clear and to keep it running as it should. Great product and excellent service. Dennis Garbutt, Suffolk

I saw the advert in the paper and ordered FTC for my 2006 Peugeot Partner Combi 1.4 petrol which I bought in 2008. The vehicle had covered 72,000 miles when I put the FTC pellets into the tank before a trip down to Bodmin to see my daughter & son in law. I always top up the tank before I start the drive back and when we get back it is usually under half full. After this trip back with FTC the needle is barely touching the half way mark. I have driven 814 miles with FTC and can safely say that the engine is very much smoother, quicker to pull away, more responsive and has better acceleration. It pulls better from low speeds in higher gears than before. In fact, the easy revs in higher gears pulling away is really great. It’s amazing how FTC has changed both the performance and economy of the vehicle. A great product that really works and I certainly recommend it. Len Green, Bedfordshire

I’m writing to you to say that I am very pleased with FTC and how well it has worked and the difference it has made in my car. My Mondeo is a very high mileage car but it has been very well looked after over the years that I have owned it. I added the FTC pellets over a year ago and can say without any doubt that the car is not the same as it was before. This car has done nearly 200,000 miles is now so much quieter compared to before and runs almost silently! It was very noisy before. The pick-up and acceleration are far better than before too. The car is very responsive now and a real pleasure to drive. When having the MOT, the car went straight through the emissions test first time without the usual messing about. As I said the car has done nearly 200,000 miles and has mostly been used for short journeys. Thank you very much again for an excellent product and really great results. Vic Smith, Yorkshire

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the FTCs. I’ve installed them in my Peugeot 205 diesel and 205 petrol. They are both nearly 30 years old and I can tell you that they are like spring chickens since adding FTC! I was quite astounded by the way that they both started to demonstrate new characteristics within a very short time of using. Living out in the country I don’t really bother with mpg measurements as I spend so much time driving in 3rd or 4th gear. What I can tell you is that at the recent MOT for the diesel 205 it came back with a note on the emissions results that said, ‘too clean to test’! Without question FTC has given both these old cars a new lease of life. Great product.
(MOT test results/certificate supplied) Mike Dormer, Devon

I am sending you the figures related to Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2014) which I purchased new. Before adding the FTCs, I had used 928.3 gallons over 37,908 miles, giving an average of 40.835 mpg. Since adding FTC, I have used 185.26 gallons over 8039 miles giving an average of 43.39 mpg. That’s an improvement of over 6.25%. That gives 38+ more miles per full tank, which I am very pleased with. I should add that my driving style and types of journey have not changed, and the climate control is switched on all the time. Needless to say, I am very pleased and recommend the product enthusiastically. Peter Halls-Dickerson, Surrey

I am well pleased with the results gained through using the FTC's supplied by your company. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. My car bought from new has done 49000 miles. It is regularly serviced by the main Suzuki dealership with whom I have been dealing with 22 years. I have been using a variety of additives on a regular basis at I must say at quite some cost, so the engine is in good order and I use premium fuels. I was really impressed with the results after using the FTC's, getting an increase in MPG of 7 percent with more powerful and much smoother acceleration. I will certainly recommend your product to all my friends and family. Harry Gregory, Oxfordshire

Hi there, thought I would update you on my Megane Coupe Cabriolet. I did a 500-mile return trip over the late May bank holiday and the mileage was up to 52 mpg, (on my drive home from Plymouth when I bought the car it was returning 42 mpg). This Tuesday I went up to Axminster and back and on checking the average mpg I was delighted to find it was up to 58 mpg, This is even better than the results on the Laguna which reached a high of 54 mpg. This result was obtained at a cruising speed between 68 and 73 mph, keeping up with other traffic. Another 500-mile trip coming up in a couple of weeks, doubt it can get much better, but there is a chance!!!. Thank you very much for your product, it is truly remarkable. Vivian R, Cornwall

After purchasing your product, I have noticed a definite improvement in running of my 1977 Jaguar XK8. The MPG is progressively getting better, with every mile I drive. The engine responds smoother and definitely sounds sweeter. Great product. Pity I did not know about your product earlier. Now bought further FTC’s to add to my Subaru H6 and VW Transporter T5 2.5. Many thanks. Mike Griffiths, Cumbria

I saw the advertisement in the press for FTC, read the customer reviews and decided to try the product for myself. My vehicle is a 2005 Mercedes 350 SL, V6/3.7 litre with low mileage and superbly maintained. I added the FTC pellets to the tank when I filled up with fuel. FTC is absolutely fantastic! How on earth can anything so simple have such a marked effect? Well it does. Goodness only knows how but there was and is no denying the extra performance. I was, and am, incredibly impressed with the difference the FTC tablets made. I really can vouch for FTC as being the most effective and best value method of changing an older car’s behaviour. The technical and customer service is also most helpful with all aspects of this product. I recommend all true car enthusiasts try FTC; you’ll be amazed at the transformation.  I’ll be using FTC in any car I own from now on, whether high performance or just a regular engine. Thank you!” Ben Pollard, Herefordshire

I drive a 2011 Mercedes ML350 CDi and as with all my cars for years whether petrol or diesel have, whenever possible, used a leading brands high performance fuel. I always thought that paying the extra 7p per litre was worth the engine protection and power benefits. Unfortunately, that 7 pence kept increasing until it is now 10p per litre more which added an extra £8 + to my fuel bill when filling my tank with diesel. I decided to give FTC a try and dropped them into my fuel tank as instructed. Even though I was using premium, high performance diesel I was surprised to feel an improvement in performance so much so that I stopped using this costlier fuel and am now only using regular diesel. I am very pleased to say that my vehicles performance on regular diesel is as good, if not better, than when using the more expensive premium version. Added to the excellent performance is a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency. The initial cost of the FTC’s was very quickly recovered by the savings I have made by not using the higher cost premium fuels. I am now in ‘profit’ having changed to your excellent FTC’s which I highly recommend. My very best regards. John Bohnet, West Sussex