• Jim Thomas, Wales

    Jim Thomas, Wales

    I recommended FTC to my son Phillip who started using the pellets in his family cars. I’ve just bought a 2013 Toyota Rav4 2.2 D-4D and have added the FTC pellets to get the fuel injectors, valves and engine as clean as possible.
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  • Phil Thomas, Wales

    Phil Thomas, Wales

    Well done to the chaps at FTC for making a brilliant product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Without any question I would recommend them to anyone which is exactly what I do regularly just like my dad first recommended them to me!
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  • Dennis Garbutt, Suffolk

    Dennis Garbutt, Suffolk

    I’ve used FTC in three cars and can say from first-hand experience and from my MOT test results, that there is no question that FTC makes an enormous difference to the efficient running of an engine.
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  • Steve Walsh, Staffordshire

    Steve Walsh, Staffordshire

    I’ve used FTC in lots of cars to restore performance, restore lost fuel economy and to make sure the exhaust emissions are as low as possible for MOT emissions tests. 
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  • FTC Direct Review by Dave Jones - Graham Walker Cars, Cheshire

    Dave Jones - Graham Walker Cars, Cheshire

    Over the years we’ve used FTC in everything from high performance and prestige cars to 4x4’s and even a 7.5-ton horse lorry! FTC works really well at eliminating those troublesome little deposits that cause all sorts of annoying issues in engines
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  • FTC Direct Review by Heather H, Dorset

    Heather H, Dorset

    You can’t argue with your cars own computer and you can’t argue if you know your car is quicker than it was before. My little Abarth had always returned between 38 and 39 miles to the gallon. Since dropping FTC into my fuel tank it is now returning just over 43 mpg! I haven’t changed anything!
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  • Louise O, Staffordshire

    Louise O, Staffordshire

    I’m writing to tell you how well your FTC pellets have worked in my Fiat camper van... After 3 weeks use I’m driving up lots of the hills I previously had to change down to 1st gear to get up or else avoid altogether!
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  • FTC Direct Review by Ian Taylor, West Yorkshire

    Ian Taylor, West Yorkshire

    The engine is smoother and quieter and the acceleration is effortless (was a slight hesitation before). The mpg has improved and cruising is a pleasure. It feels like I am driving a more powerful 3 litre rather than a 2 litre! I don’t understand how it works but it does. An absolutely brilliant product.
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  • Bob Blackman, East Sussex

    Bob Blackman, East Sussex

    Since adding the little FTC pellets to my cars fuel tank, the exhaust emissions have all but disappeared. The CO reading has fallen to 0.00% and the HC reading is also 00 ppm!  Both zero!
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  • Victoria W, Kent

    Victoria W, Kent

    I bought the FTC pellets after seeing the advert in the paper with Mike Brewer and put them into the fuel tank whilst filling up with petrol. After about a week or so I noticed the car was running really well.
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