• Steve Foss, Guernsey

    Steve Foss, Guernsey

    I’ve had my Skoda Fabia 1.9 tdi [100bhp] for 4 years. It’s well very well maintained, regularly serviced and I’ve always meticulously recorded the mileage and fuel usage. In Guernsey the speed limits are very low, typically 25 or 35 mph so the car never really gets the opportunity to run hot or hard which, as we all know, diesels need to keep them operating efficiently. The car rarely travels m...
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  • Geoff Sparrow, Norfolk

    Geoff Sparrow, Norfolk

    Just a brief note to say having put FTC in the tank of my Nissan Primera how pleased I am with the results. Within what seemed like a very few miles the engine definitely gained more power and was running much more smoothly. After 800 miles the fuel consumption has greatly improved too.
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  • Tim Thompson, Kent

    Tim Thompson, Kent

    The mechanic who tested it for the MOT said the emissions were better than a brand-new Mercedes! (MOT test results/certificate supplied)
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  • Phil Thomas, Wales

    Phil Thomas, Wales

    Well done to the chaps at FTC for making a brilliant product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Without any question I would recommend them to anyone which is exactly what I do regularly just like my dad first recommended them to me!
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  • Samir G, Hampshire

    Samir G, Hampshire

    I have a Golf GT TDI and I recently purchased and installed FTC. I have noticed a really great change in the performance of the car. The MPG has increased giving much better fuel consumption than before. The cars acceleration is far more responsive and a much smoother drive.
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  • Christine W, Hertfordshire

    Christine W, Hertfordshire

    The performance and the fuel economy of my Astra 1.6 have completely changed since I put the FTC pellets in the tank. It’s just not the same car as before. It’s really quiet, very smooth and much, much quicker than it was.
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  • Chris Piercy, Dorset

    Chris Piercy, Dorset

    I’d heard about FTC fuel pellets from several people who belong to the same club as me. They said their cars were performing better and had improved MPG. I was dubious. When I changed my E Class Mercedes 320 to a Volvo V70 I really missed the performance. It was then that I decided to try FTC
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  • Tim Jones, South Yorkshire

    Tim Jones, South Yorkshire

    The change in performance was noticeable within a short space of time. Where before, there had been a little lag and hesitation, there was now just instant power.
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  • Tom Wilkinson, Leicestershire

    I have a Land Rover Defender TD5. A friend of mine introduced recommended your product and although I was a little sceptical, I purchased the FTC03K, which was delivered next day. I popped them into the tank and washed them down one at a time with some diesel as per the instructions. WOW!! What a remarkable change there has been in my engine. It's smoother; much smoother, no more black smoke an...
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  • Rhod Tibbles, Norfolk

    There is no question whatsoever that the engine is quieter, smoother and pulls better from low revs. I’ve had no more instances of engine warning lights flashing on since I started using either, which is really very good. Absolutely first-class product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FTC to anyone.
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