• Peter Halls-Dickerson, Surrey

    I am sending you the figures related to Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2014) which I purchased new. Before adding the FTCs, I had used 928.3 gallons over 37,908 miles, giving an average of 40.835 mpg. Since adding FTC, I have used 185.26 gallons over 8039 miles giving an average of 43.39 mpg. That’s an improvement of over 6.25%. That gives 38+ more miles per full tank, which I am very pleased with. I sh...
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  • Harry Gregory, Oxfordshire

    I am well pleased with the results gained through using the FTC's supplied by your company. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. My car bought from new has done 49000 miles. It is regularly serviced by the main Suzuki dealership with whom I have been dealing with 22 years. I have been using a variety of additives on a regular basis at I must say at quite some cost, so the engine is in ...
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  • Vivian R, Cornwall

    Hi there, thought I would update you on my Megane Coupe Cabriolet. I did a 500-mile return trip over the late May bank holiday and the mileage was up to 52 mpg, (on my drive home from Plymouth when I bought the car it was returning 42 mpg). This Tuesday I went up to Axminster and back and on checking the average mpg I was delighted to find it was up to 58 mpg, This is even better than the resul...
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  • Mike Griffiths, Cumbria

    After purchasing your product, I have noticed a definite improvement in running of my 1977 Jaguar XK8. The MPG is progressively getting better, with every mile I drive. The engine responds smoother and definitely sounds sweeter. Great product. Pity I did not know about your product earlier. Now bought further FTC’s to add to my Subaru H6 and VW Transporter T5 2.5. Many thanks.
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  • Ben Pollard, Herefordshire

    I saw the advertisement in the press for FTC, read the customer reviews and decided to try the product for myself. My vehicle is a 2005 Mercedes 350 SL, V6/3.7 litre with low mileage and superbly maintained. I added the FTC pellets to the tank when I filled up with fuel. FTC is absolutely fantastic! How on earth can anything so simple have such a marked effect? Well it does. Goodness only knows...
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  • John Bohnet, West Sussex

    I drive a 2011 Mercedes ML350 CDi and as with all my cars for years whether petrol or diesel have, whenever possible, used a leading brands high performance fuel. I always thought that paying the extra 7p per litre was worth the engine protection and power benefits. Unfortunately, that 7p kept increasing until it is now 10p per litre more which added an extra £8 + to my fuel bill when filling m...
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