Customer Review

Len Green, Bedfordshire

I saw the advert in the paper and ordered FTC for my 2006 Peugeot Partner Combi 1.4 petrol which I bought in 2008. The vehicle had covered 72,000 miles when I put the FTC pellets into the tank before a trip down to Bodmin to see my daughter & son in law. I always top up the tank before I start the drive back and when we get back it is usually under half full. After this trip back with FTC the needle is barely touching the half way mark. I have driven 814 miles with FTC and can safely say that the engine is very much smoother, quicker to pull away, more responsive and has better acceleration. It pulls better from low speeds in higher gears than before. In fact, the easy revs in higher gears pulling away is really great. It’s amazing how FTC has changed both the performance and economy of the vehicle. A great product that really works and I certainly recommend it.