Customer Review

John Bohnet, West Sussex

I drive a 2011 Mercedes ML350 CDi and as with all my cars for years whether petrol or diesel have, whenever possible, used a leading brands high performance fuel. I always thought that paying the extra 7p per litre was worth the engine protection and power benefits. Unfortunately, that 7p kept increasing until it is now 10p per litre more which added an extra £8 + to my fuel bill when filling my tank with diesel. I decided to give FTC a try and dropped them into my fuel tank as instructed. Even though I was using premium, high performance diesel I was surprised to feel an improvement in performance so much so that I stopped using this costlier fuel and am now only using regular diesel. I am very pleased to say that my vehicles performance on regular diesel is as good, if not better, than when using the more expensive premium version. Added to the excellent performance is a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency. The initial cost of the FTC’s was very quickly recovered by the savings I have made by not using the higher cost premium fuels. I am now in ‘profit’ having changed to your excellent FTC’s which I highly recommend. My very best regards.