Customer Review

Ben Pollard, Herefordshire

I saw the advertisement in the press for FTC, read the customer reviews and decided to try the product for myself. My vehicle is a 2005 Mercedes 350 SL, V6/3.7 litre with low mileage and superbly maintained. I added the FTC pellets to the tank when I filled up with fuel. FTC is absolutely fantastic! How on earth can anything so simple have such a marked effect? Well it does. Goodness only knows how but there was and is no denying the extra performance. I was, and am, incredibly impressed with the difference the FTC tablets made. I really can vouch for FTC as being the most effective and best value method of changing an older car’s behaviour. The technical and customer service is also most helpful with all aspects of this product. I recommend all true car enthusiasts try FTC; you’ll be amazed at the transformation.  I’ll be using FTC in any car I own from now on, whether high performance or just a regular engine. Thank you!”