Customer Review

Vic Smith, Yorkshire

I’m writing to you to say that I am very pleased with FTC and how well it has worked and the difference it has made in my car. My Mondeo is a very high mileage car but it has been very well looked after over the years that I have owned it. I added the FTC pellets over a year ago and can say without any doubt that the car is not the same as it was before. This car has done nearly 200,000 miles is now so much quieter compared to before and runs almost silently! It was very noisy before. The pick-up and acceleration are far better than before too. The car is very responsive now and a real pleasure to drive. When having the MOT, the car went straight through the emissions test first time without the usual messing about. As I said the car has done nearly 200,000 miles and has mostly been used for short journeys. Thank you very much again for an excellent product and really great results.