• Vic Smith, Yorkshire

    I’m writing to you to say that I am very pleased with FTC and how well it has worked and the difference it has made in my car. My Mondeo is a very high mileage car but it has been very well looked after over the years that I have owned it. I added the FTC pellets over a year ago and can say without any doubt that the car is not the same as it was before. This car has done nearly 200,000 miles i...
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  • Mike Dormer, Devon

    I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the FTCs. I’ve installed them in my Peugeot 205 diesel and 205 petrol. They are both nearly 30 years old and I can tell you that they are like spring chickens since adding FTC! I was quite astounded by the way that they both started to demonstrate new characteristics within a very short time of using. Living out in the coun...
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  • Peter Halls-Dickerson, Surrey

    I am sending you the figures related to Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2014) which I purchased new. Before adding the FTCs, I had used 928.3 gallons over 37,908 miles, giving an average of 40.835 mpg. Since adding FTC, I have used 185.26 gallons over 8039 miles giving an average of 43.39 mpg. That’s an improvement of over 6.25%. That gives 38+ more miles per full tank, which I am very pleased with. I sh...
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  • Harry Gregory, Oxfordshire

    I am well pleased with the results gained through using the FTC's supplied by your company. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. My car bought from new has done 49000 miles. It is regularly serviced by the main Suzuki dealership with whom I have been dealing with 22 years. I have been using a variety of additives on a regular basis at I must say at quite some cost, so the engine is in ...
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  • Vivian R, Cornwall

    Hi there, thought I would update you on my Megane Coupe Cabriolet. I did a 500-mile return trip over the late May bank holiday and the mileage was up to 52 mpg, (on my drive home from Plymouth when I bought the car it was returning 42 mpg). This Tuesday I went up to Axminster and back and on checking the average mpg I was delighted to find it was up to 58 mpg, This is even better than the resul...
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  • Mike Griffiths, Cumbria

    After purchasing your product, I have noticed a definite improvement in running of my 1977 Jaguar XK8. The MPG is progressively getting better, with every mile I drive. The engine responds smoother and definitely sounds sweeter. Great product. Pity I did not know about your product earlier. Now bought further FTC’s to add to my Subaru H6 and VW Transporter T5 2.5. Many thanks.
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  • Ben Pollard, Herefordshire

    I saw the advertisement in the press for FTC, read the customer reviews and decided to try the product for myself. My vehicle is a 2005 Mercedes 350 SL, V6/3.7 litre with low mileage and superbly maintained. I added the FTC pellets to the tank when I filled up with fuel. FTC is absolutely fantastic! How on earth can anything so simple have such a marked effect? Well it does. Goodness only knows...
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  • John Bohnet, West Sussex

    I drive a 2011 Mercedes ML350 CDi and as with all my cars for years whether petrol or diesel have, whenever possible, used a leading brands high performance fuel. I always thought that paying the extra 7p per litre was worth the engine protection and power benefits. Unfortunately, that 7 pence kept increasing until it is now 10p per litre more which added an extra £8 + to my fuel bill when fill...
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