FTC Direct Review by Heather H, Dorset

Customer Review

Heather H, Dorset

You can’t argue with your cars own computer and you can’t argue if you know your car is quicker than it was before. My little Abarth had always returned between 38 and 39 miles to the gallon. Since dropping FTC into my fuel tank it is now returning just over 43 mpg! I haven’t changed anything. I just dropped the FTC pellets into the fuel tank, it was as simple as that. It’s been proven right in front of my eyes. It’s now quicker and more fun to drive. It's like having a new car. The Abarth is definitely more eager to please since adding FTC. The acceleration is better, the car really pulls well and the engine note is a more ‘throaty’ than before. But what has impressed me most of all is the economy that has been proven right in front of my eyes. And you can’t argue with proof. My neighbour’s using FTC now in his Volvo diesel estate. His car is up from 36 to 40 mpg since using FTC and is quicker and more responsive too. Would I recommend? YES, wholeheartedly. If a cynic like me is convinced FTC works, what more can you say? I’m really impressed with FTC and the results speak for themselves.