Customer Review

Bernard Wynne, Lancashire

I purchased my 3-year old BMW 730LD at the end of May with just under 10k on the clock and at the time of writing have covered 8k with it. As soon as I picked the car up, I filled it up with diesel and popped in the FTC pellets. I’m getting 45mpg overall, which is really good for that car. After several thousand miles I noticed that the Ad-Blue was still reading 0.01 and the DPF light never came on either. I booked the car into BMW to see if there was some sort of reset needed for the Ad-Blue and the DPF. The guy from BMW could not believe that the vehicle was not using any Ad-Blue and said that whatever I was doing to carry on doing it! Up to now, I have done 8K since I bought it and have not had to top up the Ad-Blue once nor even had the DPF warning light come on! It is still reading 0.01 on the dash. Will let you know if it ever decided to use the Ad-Blue but there are 20 litres in my garage if you know anyone!